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What is our return policy?

Return policies –

Thank you for your purchase, Your complete satisfaction is our goal and the aim of our Company! If, for any reason you are not satisfied with our product or purchase and our product does not perform as we have presented.

We will gladly refund your purchase price, less any units not returned or damaged units returned and within the conditions set forth below..

We are sorry that you have sub stained some problems with your order. We shall do our best to remedy the situation with you in a friendly and prompt manner.

A.  Company processing fees and all shipping fees are non refundable.

B.  All returned items will be pre-paid shipping of your choice and by you the customer.

C.  We will accept all returns within 30 days of the shipping date stated on the invoice or statement, that accompanied your order and all returns shall be charged with a 15% Re-stocking fee that will apply to any and all items, and or the products returned.

D.  All returns must be authorized by us per your request to return any items or product(s) and we will furnish you with a return authorization number issued by us. We will send this to you via your email address, or by mail if you do not have an email address.

E.  This return authorization number may also be issued over the phone by the VP of Sales and Marketing, or other acting officer and such authorized employee of this Company, or acting agent.

F.  All returned merchandise packages must be marked with this authorization number on the return label.

G.  If possible, all returned items or products, is to be returned in the original shipping carton or cartons. All other Brochures, sales signs, price list, etc., must also be returned that was in the original shipment, if the full order is being returned.

See "L" below If only a partial order is being returned for replacement or credit, then the sales materials may be kept by the customer. Credit may also be applied to your next order unless a refund was requested in writing under a separate mailing. We will then issue you with a credit voucher that you can use on your next order. Your account will be credited for the amount of damaged goods and we will also send you a copy of this credit memo for your records.

H.  If return is only for any damaged product within the original order and shipment to you the customer, and you keep the balance of the order. We here at J. Bar Products Int’l., Inc. or our acting agent will replace only those that are damaged at no fee or charge to you.

You still must obtain a return authorization number before returning the damaged units. With a letter explaining why they were damaged if known. (i.e.) due to shipment reasons or what ever may have been the cause of the return.

I.  Upon the return of the damaged units we shall examine them and if we find that it was our fault or that of the shipping company by mishandling of the package, we shall forth with replace the damaged units and ship them to you by pre-paid shipping.

Please allow up to 10 days to two weeks for us to process your returns for replacement and or to refund your funds, or if a full refund is due to you for the merchandise only.

J.  All returns are to be sent to our return and contact information that will be enclosed in and with the return authorization number sent to you.

K.  All Company contact information will be in our contact us page of our web site.

L.  If a customer brings you a damaged or broken unit of our main product line, after you have sold it to him. Please replace that Item to them, If you have any in stock, and then send the damaged unit back to us for replacement for your inventory by pre-paid shipping of US Mail.

Your customer should pre–pay the postage or shipping fees to you for this service. Usually a $1.50 fee will cover the return postage, for a single unit, any where USA. Add $2.50 For Canadian Postage.

M.  Our main product the Barrel-Lite ® has a life time warranty. Any and all other items purchased though us are not covered by our warranty on the Barrel-Lite ®. They shall come under that manufactures warranty if any, and will be dealt with on those basis only.

Company return policy 8-1-2018

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